Meet Robin

Enjoying the day with Toffeedoodle!

I am honored  that you have stopped by to visit, “A Touch of Décor .”

This site  is my new baby….I’m a complete  newbie to  blogging.  In fact, I’m  actually jumping out of my comfort zone!!!!

Let me  introduce myself:  At heart, I’m a country girl….. I loved growing up in a small Quebec ski resort town, loved being a tom boy and was fortunate to have had a wonderful childhood. My first love has always been, horses. Both of my horses, Tocatina and Tamasina were the  greatest of  teachers, as well as my beloved best friends. Horses teach respect, love and always prepare you for the unexpected…what great lessons to learn at a young age!!!!!

I consider myself  lucky to have  thoroughly enjoyed my thirty-five year long career as a Special Education Teacher.  My students were on many an occasion, my teachers; I learned a considerable amount from their lives and                                                      struggles.

For as long as I can remember, my love of making things beautiful has  been integral to my core upbringing. My mom, herself  a model at a young age, always….and I mean always, looked like she popped off the cover of Vogue…she loved making  our home beautiful!

It is my firm belief that  any space can be made to feel special, cozy and beautiful! Good taste does not necessarily translate  into the need for  spending an inordinate amount  of money.  A creative eye can  think outside of the box… fortunately, that’s my  talent!! However,  feeling that it was a requirement to learn the design trade, I returned to school as an adult  and earned the necessary credentials!! As well, this past spring I participated in the  ”Specify  Color  With Confidence ”  workshop  presented by  the talented, “True  Color Expert,” Maria Killam!  This training has truly refined  how I  see and  now  analyze the use of  color.

Toffeedoodle………the “Shepadoodle,” is my  constant companion; you will become familiar with him as he is never far from my side.

 Stop by and explore the site frequently….. it’s  my  intention to explore the infinite number of ways one can bring beauty into our homes and lives !!!

I am excited about this new adventure!!!