How To Arrange Flowers Like A Pro!

Clematis in bloom!
Clematis in bloom!

Flower Power

Summer is a great time to sit back, relax and  literally enjoy the flowers.

 Adding flowers to  any space will definitely awaken  your visual senses! A small vase holding a single bud or even an interesting branch will add interest and beauty to any environment. The possibilities are endless. The act of simply attaching  an artificial silk flower to any potted plant, will elevate an otherwise ordinary plant to an outstanding plant. This simple tip is guaranteed to brighten up your day.

Now, I’m going to share a wonderful  little secret that will forever change how you view any flower arrangement. The “Floral Frog,” is a small but incredibly efficient device that makes the art of flower arranging appear magical. The floral Frog comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials.  I personally prefer the little metal one with the spikes.  You can see it in the first photo below. Simply place this little gizmo into a container; delicately cover it with rocks, pieces of colored glass or whatever else  you so choose to anchor it in place.  Add water and then insert  a few carefully chosen stems. This simple technique will  literally  enable anyone to create a magnificent bouquet in  minutes!!! 

The process must be fun, so relax, get creative and use  whatever you have on hand.

Voila, below, just few examples of how placing a small bouquet can add  sheer pleasure to any  space be it either indoors or outdoors.

Pretend you are dressing up for a  night out on the town. It’s the same concept, dress up your table and have fun!!!

The Magical Beast
Voila! The Floral Frog.


Lone Begonia
Patio Table Centerpiece