Designer Secrets: 4 Tips To Know About Artwork!

Using large artwork is the key to maximizing the wow factor in any space! Walls are prime real-estate must be treated as royalty.

The inspiration for this post is my talented and statuesque sister Linda. You see, any time she enters a room filled with either, friends, acquaintances, or strangers, she always commands the full attention of whomever is present. In other words, she has presence, she makes a statement…. she owns the room. I have watched this same scenario unfold  over and over again throughout my entire life. The point I wish to make is that her  formula for success can be re-created, but, instead, using artwork.  Let me explain.

Designer Secrets:    4  Tips To  Know About Artwork!

       Tip # 1.   Choose artwork that speaks to your heart!    

                         It’s an absolute must….. love it or leave it!

You’re on the right track if you can compare your chosen artwork  to a fine wine, a favorite piece of music, or to the feeling you experience when immersed in a fantastic book.

Wild Horse

Totally in love with this stallion canvas!

    Tip # 2.    Size Matters! 

Install the largest piece of artwork that your wall can accommodate. As a rule of thumb, the chosen piece should fill approximately two- thirds to three-quarters of the wall space. Take into consideration the overall size and orientation of the wall. If the wall is tall and narrow,  choose artwork of similar proportion. Similarly, if  hanging artwork either over a sofa or in a large hallway,  choose a piece that is horizontal in design so as to enhance the flow of the wall. Once again, keep in mind…..bigger is better!

Large Scale Art

Large Scale Art  –  Tall, Narrow,Wall

     Tip #3.  Height Matters

Ouch…. I cringe whenever I see a tiny painting dangling from just below the ceiling. Fortunately, this is an easy problem to solve. Just remember, artwork should hang at eye-level. This means that the center of the painting should be anywhere from between 57″ – 60″ from the floor.

Large Scale Art

                                                                     Tom Wesselmann -Pop Artist-  

   Tip #4.  Placement over furniture matters!

If installing artwork over a piece of furniture, it should be at least two thirds the width of the furniture and hung at approximately between six and twelve inches above the sofa, or credenza. For example, if the sofa is 9’ long, then the artwork should be at least 6’ long. You’ll need to use your eye to tweak for the exact final placement.

On a final note…remember…bigger is better.

Perfect height, size and placement of artwork over sofa!

                                                       Perfect height,size and placement of artwork                                                       Samantha Ring -Artist-

Do you have artwork that you love? Is it hanging properly?

These 4 simple tips will immediately solve the artwork dilemma.

Drop me a line, I’d love to hear your perspective.